Noodle Bar

Our newest venue specialises in Thai noodle soups and hot pot.

We have a wide range of choices for your noodle soup, pick what you like or choose from our suggestions. You can choose from:

Stock: Light/Dark

Noodles: Egg/Rice/Ho-Fun/Ramen

Meat: Fish Balls/Prawns/Beef Balls/Pork Balls/Chicken Balls/Sliced Beef/Shredded Chicken/Sliced Pork/Sliced Roast Duck/Won Ton/BBQ Pork

Vegetables: Wide variety


Hot Pot (Jim Joom/Suki)

Thai hot pot is a very popular social and interactive style of eating. Participants sit around a boiling 'hot pot' and cook our high quality ingredients (see below) to personal taste. We provide spicy and aromatic sauces to compliment your meal... eat the cooked ingredients alone, in the stock soup or dipped in the sauces. You'll be cooking the ingredients yourself from raw so please ensure they're cooked through!

Stock: Herb stock

Noodles: Glass

Meat: Chicken/Pork/Beef/Liver/Prawns/Squid

Vegetables: Wide variety including pak choi/mushrooms/ong choi (morning glory)/chinese leaves

Sauces: Homemade jim joom and suki







Please ask staff for details/guidance!

Hot pot (minimum 2 people) includes unlimited vegetables, noodles, meat and eggs