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Taste of Siam

Since the 1990s Taste of Siam has been sharing love and passion for providing Thai cuisine to Camden and London community. We try our best to serve all our customers with authentic tasting dishes and warm and friendly service.


Our Story ABOUT

Located in Camden High Street, near Mornington Underground station, Taste of Siam is operated by Thai people and Thai chefs served both eat-in and takeaway. We provide the finest and authentic Thai dishes selected from Thai street food and Thai regional food. Each dishes prepared by our highly experienced chefs. We use the best possible ingredients and a unique blend of herbs and spices.

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Our Recommended Menus Menu

(G, S, MO, C, SE, *)Prawns stir-fried with mange tout, onions, garlic and pepper
(F, C,*)Deep-fried crispy fish topped with red curry sauce, coconut milk, basil leaves, chillies & kaffir lime leaves
(F, *)Deep-fried crispy fish flavoured with fish sauce, chillies & garlic
(G, S, F, SE, *)Steamed fish with soya sauce, ginger & Chinese mushrooms
(F, MO, C, *)Seafood stir-fried with special spicy sauce pounded garlic, chillies & herbs
(G, S, MO, C, SE, *)Mixed seafood stir-fried with garlic & peppers
(G, S, F, MO) Marinated chicken, charcoal grilled Thai style, served with sweet chilli sauce
(F, C, *)Thick curry with tender lamb pieces slow cooked with shallots, coconut milk & potatoes
(G, S, E, C, SE,*)Rice stir-fried with prawns & chicken



We are encouraging our customers to book with us during this period.
Please use the link below to book or call at 020 7380 0665